This past August I received a phone call from one of my clients who wanted to renovate her kitchen in time for the holidays. She explained that her kitchen is relatively large (approximately 200sf) and she planned on keeping her existing layout.

On her wish list were the following items:

– Semi-custom cabinets

– Granite countertops

– All new stainless steel appliances

– Refinish the floors for the entire downstairs

– Painting

Her budget was approximately $75,000.

We immediately got to work and I referred her to one of the best contractors in my network (Contractor A). While she liked his personality very much, his estimate came in almost $10,000 over budget.

I then referred a second contractor from my network, who gave a lower estimate. My client didn’t like his personality as much as Contractor A and he was busy on another project and wasn’t sure he could complete her job by Thanksgiving.

My client explained that she was meeting with another contractor who was highly recommended by her neighbor and then she and her husband would make a decision.

I followed up with my client 1 week later to get her feedback on the third contractor she met and she said:

“I was just about to call you! My husband and I spoke last night and we’ve decided to go with Contractor A. While his estimate is a bit higher than the others, we trust him and feel he’ll do the best job. We’re going to meet with him again this week to see if we can negotiate a few items so that we can get started right away.”

My contractor started the job the third week of September and, other than a few minor cabinet issues, the kitchen is complete and ready for the holidays. And I just received a commission check for $4,850.00 from my contractor and another $540.00 from my painter.

Best of all, my client told me that she wants to renovate her bathroom this Spring!